Saturday, August 21, 2010

roses are red and violets are blue^_^

If you lose something, eat a piece of DATURA. then you'll dream, your mind will go around and wander in many directions, or the spirits will lead you to what your looking for. When you wake up you can go to it and you will find it.

Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice by weight, and each pound of Saffron is the product of approximately 50,000 flowers. So although the flower itself is far from rare, it does yield a spice that can be sold for right around $1,000 a pound.

In 2005 a group of Chinese scientists working on agricultural research grew an orchid that was purchased at auction by an anonymous buyer for an incredible 1.68 million yuan or right around$200,000 USD. This orchid was the result of eight years of efforts and represented a new and unique species, which accounted for its staggering price point.

The Kadupul Flower begins blooming just before midnight and dies within a matter of hours. Because of its extremely short lifespan, even in its native Sri Lanka, the flower is rarely seen. The Kadupal Flower has been mythologized throughout history, and is referred to as the legendary flower of the Celestial Nagas.

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