Monday, January 9, 2012

my hot pink skirt

It's been a while since I visited my blog, and now, I am loaded with lots of stuff to share with you guys!

This is what I wore during our christmas party in AEGIS  PEOPLESUPPORT at CICC.

A small touch of bling to make it more elegant and not to mention they only cost 100php :D haha

Toffy, my teammate had made it possible.

We had scour the whole Colon street finding what affordable clothes to show off. Well that's what we are or that's what I am, I seldom buy expensive outfits for just one occasion.

Im glad it turns out to be just lovely and affordable:)

 Me, Toffy and Judeline

Big thanks to Judeline! I wouldn't have a copy if it wasn't because of her help and mind you, she can be a good photographer!

Guys if your wondering how much it had cost me? just 300php! can't you imagine? 

Next time I'm still going to shop with Toffy, for any other event, I will always be ready with my TIPID outfits. hehehe anyway, as they say nasa pagdadala lang yan, it doesn't realy matter if how much or whats the brand of the clothes you wear, the thing is, if your comfortable with it, then go!

Here in Cebu, aside from the shopping centers we have our secret place to shop for affordable outfits, its not hard to find, just visit Colon street and you'll be surprise!

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